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Here you can order the portrait of your cat.

Your cat would be proud having a portrait!

How to order a unique, professional and beautiful portrait of Your Lovely Cat?

Step 1.
Take a photo of Your Animal or choose one of Your album. Remember to choose the photo of a good quality and that which Your cat accepts. Background is not important, what counts only is Your cat, his face and an elegant pose.
Step 2.
Send the photo to CatEnFace company ( If You think that Your cat is a princess or you always thought that he looks like the faraon you and the cat can ask for the portrait with such an attribute as for example a crown of a king. But if you are conservative feel free to ask for a natural portrait - only your cat, without any attributes. Prices of both the projects are the same.

Step 3.
CatEnFace will contact you to discuss the details, the size of the picture, the time of realization (usually it is about 2 weeks, for sure not longer than one month). On every stage of our work you can control the proceedings asking us for the photos.
Step 4.
Wait for the portrait which will come with a courier. Meanwhile try to find a place on your wall for this precious object. Write  us telling if you are  satisfied.