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Here you can order
the portrait of your cat.

Your cat would be proud having a portrait!

Who is CATenFACE?

We are these who love animals and art. Focused on the traditional craft we can paint your pet in totaly realistic style, with great atention to the details. We know how to represent the natural beauty of your animal. Moreover, he or she can wear a lovely hat (helmet, turban, pearls, lace etc.)
Our studio is situated in Glasgow (UK) but we want to make you feel close to us whatever place of Europe or the World you and your cat live in.

Karolina Roga, the painter.

born: 1984 Lodz (Poland)
studies: 2006 graduate in painting.
I admire the painting of the old masters for which I look visiting the museums all over the world. After my studies for three years I was living in Italy - the country of Caravaggio and opera. Then I moved to Glasgow, where I am living now.